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Interviewing is Broken!

🤦‍♀️ Traditional interviewing ("So....tell me about yourself...") is worse than random at selecting top performers.

🤔 Google-y brain teaser interviewing ("How many tennis balls fit into the Empire State building?) are useless, according to Google.

💩 "I got a good vibe" is not going to keep your business running when you realize that great-vibe candidate doesn't know how to do their job.

How Do You Fix It?

Structured interviewing. One of the most consistent findings in the history of HR research is that structured interviews are much more reliable and valid than unstructured interviews.

🚀 The key is asking all candidates great questions. Peoplism's Interviewbot makes that super easy. In a few clicks you can:

  • Select the skills that actually matter for the specific job you're hiring for.
  • Select interview questions that measure those skills.

Our interviewbot is based on research, curated by experts, and meets the interviewers where they are—Slack! (Not your ATS or that Google Doc you can't find).

How Does Interviewbot Work?


  1. Install interviewbot.
  2. Add interviewbot to any channel by typing @interviewbot into the channel and inviting the bot. You can also DM interviewbot in its own app channel (this conversation is private).
  3. You can start a conversation by saying "hi interviewbot." (Sorry, you can't say "hi @interviewbot". Weird Slack thing).
  4. Interviewbot will take it from there! It can help you select relevant skills and questions OR if you already have skills in mind, it can help you select great questions related to those skills.

Have an important skill or great question that we should include? Email your suggestions to

Do you want to customize skills and questions for your company? Let's chat. Email us at

About Peoplism

Peoplism is a consulting firm that helps companies build a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace, where all employees can belong. We work with start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, and any organization in between ready to take strategic action on D&I. We roll-up our sleeves to help companies tackle everything from recruiting and hiring practices to rigorous anti-bias training to mentorship and better performance management.

We created this bot to make interviewing better and easier for as many people as possible. Thank you to the amazing tech talents at Tribe for making it happen.